When Wallflower Met Wildflower






Each flower takes its time to blossom into the flower it is meant to be. Spring is arriving and all the flowers in the field are blooming. All except for one very shy flower nicknamed Wallflower. There’s another flower in the field who also has a nickname, Wildflower. Wildflower is the complete opposite of Wallflower and is not afraid to be unique. Wildflower helps Wallflower see that it is okay to be different and to bloom into the individual flower that has been within all along.

  • Paperback
  • Print Length: 26 pages
  • Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in​
  • Language: English






"Great book for young readers. My daughter is 7 and really enjoyed it. She thought it was a great lesson in friendship and shared the book with her girl scout troop. They designed their craft project around making unique flowers." - NancyE,

"This is a perfect story for young children who may feel different from or shunned by other children. Very good teaching story with happy characters." - B. J. Lentz,

"This book was written with a style that children would love, but also a message that is greatly beneficial. I know I could relate to this book when I was younger, as many other kids could now. The illustration attracts the attention of the readers and I wish the book were longer because I did not want it to end! Great book, I would highly recommend to all! Even if you are not a kid ;)" - Laura,

"well written and wonderfully illustrated my grand daughters love being read to an this is great read for the little ones to help learn to be their own persons looking for more from this team" - gig1029,